Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review of Imagery, 2005 Pallas, Sonoma Valley

“My 70/30 Saint”

Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom. A warranted name tag, I assure you. Inventory quantity frighteningly low, this goddess, boasting a blend of 70% Cabernet and 30% Malbec, shares a sexy structure and playful persona. Erotic hue, night-like in the glass. She’s mellow, but, no surprise, wise. Curing, alluring. She’s my 70/30 saint. The nose, deep, rich, but not exceedingly flamboyant. The mouthfeel and mid provide dark fruit, slightly aged leather, oak and cold earth. Mint hint? The finish is somewhat short, but still enjoyable in all notes. My 70/30 sweetie, warranting composition and dissemination of a new myth. She’s made me a follower. As Imagery embraces art, so does this bottle, its contents.
Upon succeeding sips, she discloses a spicy side, slightly herbaceous, more even in finish’s tannins and layers. The back-palate also gyrates and maneuvers more playfully, antagonistically than in prior tastes. She was dancing, but now sits to speak to the palate. How could I forget this Cab/Malbec net? Her balance, now established. I can appreciate both varietals in this blend, their corresponding characteristics. A sound and consistent character, demanding attention from the sipper. Notes of vanilla now flutter. Smoothness harnessed to the goddess. Her wisdom continues to twist me pleasurably. The sexy saint now provokes reflection, introspection. In the presence of a goddess, how do I appropriately evaluate delectable divinity? So animated as I sip and scribble, I have my Self entangled, magically mangled.
Wonderful balance, start to end. She’ll make you want to sip again. Worthy of the goddess name. Could be paired with anything from a slightly spicy pasta or peppered steak to a seasoned fish dish. Celestial indeed. One of the more solid Bordeaux blends, containing only two grapes, with which I’ve recently collided and coincided. Want to sip more, but don’t. Having a glass or two tomorrow would be a treat. How will she change? How ever she wants. She’s a goddess, in control.

(Review Composed on Tuesday March 9, 2010)


  1. well done! this is my wine of 2009 as of today. hopefully i'll find something as exciting and dynamic in the next 9 months, and if i don't then i certainly won't be disappointed.

  2. whoops..."wine of 2010" would probably be more correct.

  3. and my wine of 2020 I hope! not that my collection will last that long! Nice to meet you 2nite Mike. hope to run into you again~