Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wired, but Still Tired, so I Inquired...

Sipping what remains of the KAZ Sangiofranc. Thinking about everything 2nite. Everything. Have one class for Summer. One. What am I to do with that? It’s a section of Composition. I wanted the lit class. She knows, the chair, I teach that better than anyone, that that is my true passion. My ebb, toxic. Wrote several rimes that even have me impressed. Will do something with them 2morrow. Not going to let my financial chains keep me indoors tomorrow. Supposed to be Heavenly here in the wine country. Might visit a Napa, and Sonoma, winery. Be adventurous, irresponsible. Like a good friend/colleague of mine shared, “Misery is optional.” I’m opting not be one of disharmony. Smiles on this author. Wine, sunshine, tomorrow is mine! Peace. Long Live the Log!

(Wed. 3/17/2010)

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