Friday, March 12, 2010

Midday 300: Meritage Resort and Spa

Stayed last weekend for Alice’s 30th. Easily one of the best hotel experiences of my life. Cozy, refined, appeal from angles all. Weeks before check-in, I ordered a bottle of champagne to intercept our arrival. A young gentleman greeted us at our room’s door, chilled bottle in a dark, elegant bucket, two classes, and of course the Happy Birthday note from me. The cave tasting of the Trinitas flights was incredible, especially with the generous and informative crew on the other side of the counter (try the 2006 Oakville/Napa Valley Cabernet!!!). Didn’t take advantage of what the spa provides, but everyone I spoke to said it was “incredible,” or “fabulous,” or “phenomenal.” Sienna, the hotel’s restaurant delivered a dinning experience that was sui generis, memorable, truly remarkable. I had steak while Ms. Alice had a chicken dish. Both were beautifully presented and fantastically flavored and arranged. The hotel has a shuttle available for excursions to downtown Napa, which came in handy for our 7:30pm spot at Celadon. When I received my checkout bill, I was muted. How could a hotel of this caliber be so reasonable? Shock shot through my system upon viewing the total, truthfully. This oasis is a must for anyone visiting the wine country, whether Napa Valley or Sonoma. There is no invitation for disappointment here, only enjoyment, smiles.
If I can go on for just a few more words, I loved the design and decor of the interior. First visuals, the fireplace, comfy couches, the expansive and visually stimulating outside patio by a gorgeous pool area. Makes you want to explore all the grounds, every corner and corridor. There is this dark, luscious, sweet emanation that pets your olfactory sense with a serene gentleness. So comforting and appealing, but I can’t accurately deconstruct or discern its identity. This was one of those few times on holiday where I, frankly, had trouble leaving. Wine, food, scenery (which I forgot to amply address in this entry). Why would I want to leave? Missing Meritage...

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