Monday, March 15, 2010

P.M. 100, Pt. 2

The Room, so interwoven into my everything. Was going to write “into my vision,” but the candid slate discloses a much more inextricable union. Had a character today ask me a question about every element of the wine stage, the life and exploration of Sonoma Valley, every element that she could then conjure. I answered as aptly as able, but then she demanded elaboration on every facet of each wine club option. I thought to myself, “she’d make a great club member, with all these bizarre probes, advances.”
Sipping a Merlot. Been away from this varietal for a block of beats. Thankful to be in the smooth atmosphere again. Ending this P.M. calmly. Needed, after the unrest of the Room.

(Mon. 3-15-10)

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