Monday, March 8, 2010

Still Sipping the Meritage ...

Monday March 8, 2010. For the most hellish of days in my week, this installation unfolded rather pleasantly. Don’t expect this to be a lengthy sitting. Sipping the Meritage from last night. At the end of the 65k, I want to be on that NY Times list of bestsellers. But realistically, I merely want to continue, and to have produced something engaging for readers. Went to grad school to be a professor. Past. Do I want to work in a tasting Room now, full-time? What do you think? Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, it just isn’t for me. I deplore serving. Going to be 31. Time to do what I want. Time to be defiant, a true ANTI.
The Room today, like a nothing-flavored wafer. Time, drained, wasted, strained to pure plain. Good to see Stan and Jack. Other than that...
Another tip of the bowl toward lip. Flawlessly woven blend. This bottle from Mayo, a titillating tapestry on palate. Energized, ready to record what through the mental corridor travel. Refrain. Ready to retire. Bona sera.

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