Thursday, May 20, 2010


No wine tonight, no beer. Diet Coke, one of the night’s selected pourings. A relaxed evening, all I’m aiming to experience. Miss the grape, but this Now calls for a break. To my right, now, sparkling lime-flavored water. But, wine is still, and always, on this mind. Behind the counter, so many thoughts fly through imagination. Difficult to log all. I try, but the ones I can’t remember, I’m forced to let go. One time, I was tasting the Rhone blend with a guest, and had a core-jolting notion, image, fly by my sight. Tried hard to remember it when they left. Took out my little notepad, but couldn’t scribble a single syllable. Maddening. All I could do was continue with the sips...

(Thursday 5/20/2010)

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