Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reflection: Exploring the Fermented Dimension

Was just watching “World News” with Diane Sawyer. A segment on an Amazon explorer by the name of Ed Stafford rattled my cognition to composition. His passion is humbling, his curiosity moving. He doesn’t cower when confronted by peril, he just keeps walking, blogging, logging his experience and circumstances. I thought, “I should do the same with this area, the wine world.” Now, mine isn’t nearly as profound, but it can be enlightening in its own right, and fun for me as the one “exploring.” The wine life and world by me will be dissected, traversed and appreciated in all dimensions. Everything from production to, of course, the Room itself, to the visitor’s perspective, to the land’s layout, to the merchandise and, even more importantly, the Wine. Need to temper this fervor, emotion and motion. What an idea. A project, a book, several books perhaps. Each day, moment, each Now, confined to the page. No multimedia or networking, disingenuous schmoozing. Just the log, writing, what explorers hundreds of years ago utilized, pen and paper. Let’s see where this leads the overcharged Me...

(Friday 5/21/2010)

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