Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cellars of Sonoma, Indubitable Reflection

Scott, Mike, proprietors and steerers of the Railroad Square gem, offer what we all should seek in not just hospitality, but human interaction. They offer conversation, an occasion, life through unbelievably composed wines. We did the interview tonight, but the sound quality was inexplicably impaired. Take 2, next Tuesday. Did some tasting following the interview. Again, muted by each pour’s quality, inspired. Relaxed, with pour and dialogue. What trumps such?
My reflection self-predicates on their belief in me, and in their operation, their encompassing passion, solemnity. I, truthfully, don’t believe in the existence and concept of perfection. But this magnificent morsel on the square, carries with itself a reality I would apply in perfection’s stead. Go visit them, SOON!
Scott and Mike: Thanks for the support and incomparable libations, hospitality. See you next Tuesday! Salut’!

(Tuesday 5/25/2010)

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