Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Response: Confused Cabernet Character

Me, the calm Cab, doesn’t know what to make of this day. My inner tannic tenacity, stale. Can’t figure out why. Putting on music...
Finally falling into what one could call life. In reading the latest of one of my go-to wine newsstand selections, I eye some reasonably-rated and ticketed Cabernets. Tonight, as it is my “special day,” whatever that’s meant to courier, I will self-activate in activities that I envision for the remainder of these days, not just the “special” ones. Taking a little business bustle to the Alexander Valley, the Wednesday that approaches. This afternoon, what to do...Some tasting here in the valley perhaps? Visit some old friends? Enkidu, Ty, Muscardini, my buddy Kaz? The whole day, mine. Temperament, now quite colorful, no more sour strokes.

(Saturday 5/29/2010)

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