Thursday, May 6, 2010

One More PM Posting

Hate finding typos. In the previous installation, found a spot where there should’ve been a period. I know, I’m obsessing. Isn’t that a bit admirable, indicative of passion for the entry? So upset over the discovery of that one sentence discrepancy. Have to let it go. Going to “post” this addition to the log in the early morrow. “Morrow,” have misspelled that a few times, I recall, bitterly. I can’t be perfect, why am I scolding the Self?
The morning mocha, already telling me to halt the union of sentence and sip. “Avatar,” the most overrated movie ever. Just thought I’d quickly convey my cinematic conviction. Swiftly switching subjects. I definitely need to stop. Bona sera...
(Wed 5/5/10)

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