Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday 5/4/10

Have to drive out to Napa for some useless centering session, for the department exams. Adjuncts in attendance receive a $75 stipend, but this is not nearly enough to eradicate the overall inconvenience, and boredom during the meeting itself. So tired of this. Topic next.
Another lovely wine country arrangement outside these walls. Have to leave at 2p, add or minus a couple minutes. Till then, enjoying my time, my day. Actually, I may leave a little earlier, get some grading done. Can’t wait till this semester is over. Even though only two sections I carried, it has been the most draining, disenchanting, and souring semester in my “career” thus far. Adjuncting is not a career, it is a contribution to convenience, their convenience, that of the college, the department. We continue to fetch, beg for assignments. Me, now, I make demands. They will be reasonable, even though I have every justification to be aggressive and/or hostile, but they will be firm, consistent with what I want for my life, its brevity.

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