Saturday, May 22, 2010


About this new project. How do I go into it? Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just plunge. Always worked for me before, kind of. My first assignment, tonight, here in my habitation, a KAZ Alicante Bouchet. Purpose, to detect notes, determine character. I already know it’s good. Opened the bottle last night, and tasted it several times before that.

Kelly, my character, and this wine exodus, an avenue to explore. This mission will be fiction and non-fiction, and a nebulous hybrid of the two, and perhaps more. Fun, frightening.

Beer and wine. Yes, you can have both. What’s the adage, “It takes a lot of beer to make good wine,” or something of that octave. I sip a Bear Republic “Red Rocket Ale” as I’m situated here, in the study, storming with my brainstorming’s storming. Wine, and Us: vinoLit.

(Saturday 5/22/2010)

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