Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review of Cellars of Sonoma

“Treasure Squared”

Railroad Square’s newest jewel. No, Sonoma County’s newest jewel. Nestle your Self in this elegant, humble and human, wine bar. Full-bodied brilliance from a kaleidoscope of small-production wineries. Lovely decor and essence in each square inch of this oasis, for tourists and locals alike (I know I’m going back). Helpful and informative staff, flawless arrangements and accommodations, and great music through a savory sound system. Wines of note (the only ones I have room on this page to address): 1) La Sirena 2008 Napa Valley Moscato Azul, 2) the James Family Cellars 2007 Stony Point Pinot, and, my favorite, 3) DuNah Winery’s 2004 Mendocino Montre Red Wine (one of the most innovative, creative, crazily delicious blends I ever had the opp’ to sip.
This should be recognized as one of the Bay Area’s new gems. Pristine charm with visible intentions to provide for the visitor. Inviting, soothing, exciting. Everything from the black columns behind the counter to the rustic/Tuscan walls, ceilings, surroundings and feel. A swarm of events pepper their calendar. CigarBBQ’s, Lobster Lunches, to aroma seminars. This diamond of a wine bar, not just a place to drink, but one for experiences, moments and memories, life. The number of wines available for pouring, incredible, wildly impressive.
Before writing this reflection, I had a feeling there would be hardship in limiting Self to 100 words. Well, no shock, this is the case. Cellars of Sonoma demonstrates mastery and passion on a number of levels, and that’s just what guests will enjoy in visit. Don’t hope to enjoy, expect to. The level of satisfaction, expect it to be quite high, in all respects. I’m still in reflection, and expect to be till my next visit (which may be today, around 5p). Such a lovable location, the Square, perfect for a spot of this caliber. A view, a gorgeous glass and sedating setting. This is why I use the word “gem.” Moments here, in this stylish tasting Room, though, are invaluable, sumptuous and opulent.
After leaving yesterday, I couldn’t wait to write my reflection, thoughts, moments and memories (yes, from just one, my first, visit). Want to go back for one of the live music nights. Want to go back for all their events. Just want to go back, for more moments.

(Review Composed on Thursday 5/13/10)

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  1. A recent visit to Cellars of Sonoma brought many of the same impressions and sentiments for me. Quality levels displayed across the small production brands poured here echo the highest of standards. It just feels so satisfyingly good to find such an inviting wine bar.