Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review of White Oak 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

“Have This Cab Kiss”

Tempo, low. Connection, deep. In the bowl, a tantalizing tint. Don’t want these sips to cease, me release. Perfection in this Bordeaux selection. Not a single misstep in her approach to this sipper’s lips. Rich swaying nose, hemming sweet strands to palate: velvety chocolate, stream-like, oaked berry. Buoyant mouthfeel gives way to a nestling, caressing finish. Another sensuous Cab, however leaving me enamored, obsessed, swirled. More than others I’ve met.
Each pour, kiss, pleasantly potent. My lips, palate: sipping and swimming in her succulent spells. New notes gravitate toward me: dark cherry, followed by a humble herbaceous tremor, timid vanilla. This bottle, whirling my balance. Each engagement, layered lusciousness. The 7% Merlot gives her a floating quality, a magnetizing evasiveness. Don’t want to fully understand her, capture her. Bottled flavorful mystery, this Cabernet, its character and consistency.
Not a single qualm with these moments, the sips, osculations. Assuring the pace remains restrained. Just looking at the glass, spacing the tastes. As the palate slips into restlessness, the delicious and irresistible symmetry refastens to unworthy lips. She, White Oak’s vivacious Cabernet, captured me. Sip, sip..

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