Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day2Me, Free

Wine country ideality. In love. With vines, hills, green, crisp air, the stage’s entirety. Not driving responsibly, eyes all over. Thinking of Creative Writing prompts, for a class of mine own. Creative Wine Writing (1), Wine Journaling (2), Wine Fiction [fiction wine-themed] (3). Stanford, can you hear me? Harvard? Colombia? Yale? The lawnmower on the other side of the door, soiling my savor.

Need to take these chapbooks seriously, release them furiously, speedily. Organization, as a writer, a struggle. A battle, endless scuffle, skirmish, shootout. So, when I reflect in this Sonoma County perfection, I’m not at all free. The highways, vineyards, traces in my vision have trapped me, infinitely. Need music, or do I? Maybe the reality’s enough, like a pour of an amazing blend. The present pour, all one needs to implore.

WRITING PROMPT: Capture your moment, your Now, all its elements, in 300-400 words. Focus on imagery (colors, shapes, proximities). Then, add another 300-400. So, your Now, in 2 installations.

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