Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Response II

4:22p. Home from a nice Sonoma Valley lunch, a little Enkidu tasting. Watching “The Wizard of Oz,” as Alice and I saw “Wicked” just a few weeks ago. Utilizing analytical movements, I see more, just as I did with the play. Such a masterwork, this film. Sipping a Racer, relaxing, rebuilt from my earlier turmoil. Credit goes to Ms. Alice. How does my magical wife tie me in such wonderment? This film, all its fantastic and otherworldly notes, like an unmirrored blend only produced once.
This fortune teller, Professor Marvel: scamster with admirable ingredients. Interesting. Would love to teach a class on this film, or a class on the components of the capricious, and how the wine world itself douses in the very same, how we in the world of wine, writing about it, walk with imaginative prints. Following the thoughts...
The Scarecrow just said to Dorothy, “But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?” Dorothy replies, “Yes, I guess you’re right.” How relevant, especially when you consider these pundits, my students, humans universally. Transcendent and luminous, these scenes. “Oh no, I just keep picking it up and putting it back in again!” Sounds like me, with entries old and current. Wondering how much of a brain I have, anyone has.
On with the film, the journey for remedy, panacea, unfolds. Peril, like the inclement weather to grapes, faces my dear characters. No lion, yet. No tigers, bears. Oh wow.
Glad I visited my old friends at Enkidu. Such consistent bottles, especially the Sauvignon Blanc. Smooth, creamy, deliciously different.
In the Mise-en-Scen, Mr. Lion. Wish I was teaching my course, instead of this puny comp and developmental nonsense. 31, and I’m on my road. Where it leads, no knowing.

Down the tunnel. Where’s that hoax of an augurer? Pay no attention to the Irish kid behind the computer screen. Love how this film mocks academia, “Doctor of thinkology.”

(Saturday 5/29/2010)

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