Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review of Landmark, 2007 Overlook Chardonnay

“Finally, a Truly Spellbinding Chardonnay”

Easy-going but unabashedly multifarious figure before this penman’s palate. Pronounced notes with impressive sequence, coherence. Delightful presence and mouthfeel that transcends to all levels of the sip. The variety in appellation, her three homes, the quiddity of this bottle’s voracity. Tall and thick harmonies of caramel, green apple and almond, bestow a character of an easy nature. She doesn’t force anything, she understands the moment, the reality of enjoyment at an insouciant pace. “Sip as and when you wish,” she says. Further into my sips, she reveals her smoky and foggy approach, the creamy nature of her dialogue would seduce even the most particular of glass tilters. A true treat, a charming Chardonnay, one I save for the the dusk succeeding a hot Sonoma Valley Summer. A character with a heteroclite shape. Still sipping, thanking Sonoma, Santa Barbara, and Monterey counties, her three homes. On sip four, still rich, sapid and toothsome. Sip, sip...

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