Friday, May 7, 2010

Me, the Cab (Amendment 2)

Wasn’t going to post again today, but in the spirit of Cabernet, thought it invited. Prior to this sitting, I have rejected the tag of “Wine Blogger.” Upon a few additional reflectively analytical swirls in my inner control tower, I understand that I am in this respectful league of undeniable literary and artistic merit. I am a conventional writer, as well, but I want to experience all in the marriage of Wine and Lit. The Cabernet I now sip, from 337, spectacular. Bold, beautiful, complex and candid with its rich characteristics. Have always seen this bottle on the shelves of local markets, but always passed. Relived and elated I didn’t this day, for this session.
As a Wine Blogger, I find fodder in such bottles. Accelerate my pen’s throttle. Look at what these pours are doing to me. Altering my presence with its magic. Consistent from nose to back palate and finish. Fruit, dexterity, roasted coffee and a touch of damp atmosphere (not sure how to descriptor/tag it). The finish provides a strip of sweet tar and/or peppery plum. Another...

Amendment 2, revolving around my new and quite fervent embrace of the title Wine Blogger. What an intrepid interlude in this life, to write about, and within, wine. This 337 Cab emboldens me, my fingers as they prance on these keys. No complication, only simplicity, delight. Want to taste another varietal as a Blogger of Wine. Not tonight. Be tempered, Mike, peace. Sipping, still.

Looking at the box of old entries, literary vintages behind.
How will they interact with my particular textual palate?
Hopefully not distancing Self from sturdiness of mind.
Read, re-read, sip.

Tomorrow, Alice and I will be tasting at a new spot here in the valley. New experiences, one of wine’s paramount pleasures. How could one not enjoy this stage, this play, these scenes, what they mean. An enviable dream. Always want to write about it. The full glass, wondering when I’ll be done typing. Even I, the formerly callous Cabernet, will find time and rime within which to play. Sip, sip...

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