Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn Sitting

Attending a harvest party in Napa, later.  Excited to hop over the hill.  Bringing writing and media tools.  Maybe bring home a couple Napa Cabs.  Need some new ones in the collection.  Either way, an adventure, I’m making it.  Deciding not to post the 1000 word rant from yesterday.  Will push it into a larger work.  Always asking my Self, “Where are these pages going?” Much the same way a wine maker may ask, “Where are these grapes going?” Didn’t sleep well last night.  But, yesterday I did pass 1700 words, somehow.  My mood was polluted with angst, rejection.  But now, I sit in a sitting of forward, ease and balance.
Will write you later, after the trip, kindest of readers.  The temperature has dropped significantly in the last couple days.  As a result of this wine realm, I am increasingly more fascinated with weather patterns.  This 2010 harvest taught me a lot about weather’s impact on the fruit, anticipation of climatic change, variables.  Taught me much, just as well, about my reactionary artistry.
(Thursday, 11/18/2010)

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I was wondering who are your readers. I was once in a class in the 70s where a prof taught us a poetry form called the Cinquain. Seemed pretty elementary, I thought. He basically said it was five lines, each line increasing by one word until you reached the last line which was one word again. The method was first line - topic....using one word. Second line was two words describing topic. Third line was three words expressing an action of the topic. Fourth line...and most crucial line, was four words expressing an emotion about the topic. Then the fifth line, back to one word, was to be a synonym of the topic. Then the prof said to us, "Okay, try a cinquain...any topic will do." So I chose to write a cinquain about my younger sister Angela. I wrote this in class:
    My sister
    Growing up fast
    Without my being there

    The prof gave me an A+...and said the last line was especially good, as it served a double purpose.
    So Mike Madigan, if you were to write a cinquain about "Wine", what would it look like?