Thursday, December 9, 2010

2006 Terlato EPISODE, Napa Valley

One of my favorite wine sipping EPISODEs, ever.  An enveloping, confident blend of Bordeauxs.  65% Cab, 28% Merlot, with a couple pinches of Petite Verdot, 7%.  Reasonable alcohol level, 14.2, allows the majestic qualities surface and transcend each frame of the tasting.  Experiencing a confident yet graceful swagger with the interweaving notes: blackberry, cherry, black pepper, leather, a little lick of licorice.  A bit young, but after an hour of exposure...unique delight.
This is wine for which you make plans.  It makes the moment.  A tempting character in this bottle, mastery.  Spellbinding.  Sip 2...eased, curiously more layered in personality.  This wine evokes impassioned reaction.  Sip 3, startling contrast to 1 and 2.  She shifts her movements and presence right in front of me.  I’ll keep pouring, appreciating how her charisma continues.
(Wednesday, 12/9/2010)

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