Monday, December 13, 2010

Edgy Author

Monday, 12/13/2010.  Tomorrow, the T/TH section, done.  Not looking forward to the early drive, but quite delighted for the class’ termination.  To the new winery, afterward.  Couldn’t wait to post to the log, for these videos to upload.  Technology and I, still warring.  I’ve heard that winemakers have similar gripes, with their equipment, asking themselves, “Why couldn’t it be like it was a hundred or more years ago?” I’ve heard only a handful say such, but still.
Want to do some writing at a restaurant, but I need to watch all outflow of cash.  Xmas shopping, still not done.  Not even started.  Not at all looking forward to colliding with those crowds.  The one thing I loathe with this time, the carnivorous swarms of consumers.  This peaceful Room, and the tasting Room, more appealing, soothing.  Not threats, or thought pollutants.

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