Monday, December 20, 2010


Monday, 12/20/2010.  Even more gained from this day’s shift.  In the little notebook, swarm of scribbles.  The picture of my wine bar, materializing.  All captured on page.  Thinking of a Bordeaux-only approach, but I digress in conviction while sipping this Syrah, from the new winery.  Alderbrook, probably the best scene in my vinoLit forward, thus far.  Dry Creek, a phantasmagoric, ethereal plateau, upon which writers like I become willingly lost, disoriented in bizarre flavorful majesty.
Another step closer to making my own wine, today.  Details, can’t yet disclose.  My apologies, beautiful reader.  But, it’s closer to validity, assuredly.  vinoLit, taller than yesterday, more audible, referenced.  Sip, sip...

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