Friday, December 31, 2010


Friday, 12/31/2010.  Mere hours left in this episode.  Convinced, going into the next installment, that Kelly is the cherished character, the one that’ll put me on that sought-after list, on the shelves.  Need to investigate further.  She’s far too veritable a variable to simply pick a few facts, and embellish, as I often do with characters.  What I do know of this anomaly genre of person, little: 1) She loves art,  signally painting, trying writing; 2) Her avoidance to crowds, commotion, clear but not consistent; 3) Her smile, never used for opportunistic furtherance, although it effortlessly could, stops people, engages them, diffuses, disarms, them; 4) She’s stronger than a Pinot, more soft-spoken than a Cab, or Syrah; she cannot be simplistically sorted.  She is unnamed, a curious quandary. 

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