Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sip to Scribble, Scribble2Sip

Thinking my notes could be my manuscript.  And when I’m in the tasting Room, or anywhere else in wine’s universe, I should note, simple-sentence my moments and sentiments.  Wine is full of brevities, quick passes.  But that’s what keeps it so exciting.  Same with the Literary world.  I know some spend five years writing a book that turns out to be only 120 pages, thereabouts.  But I don’t want that creative practice, pattern.  Me, to be on a “write & release” dive.  Deeper, richer, in the quicker.  Sip, sip.  Now I’m clearly seeing.  Now to pair this light Bordeaux, from Argentina’s Mendoza, with pen, lined sheets.  -9:59pm

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