Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day's Reaction

Wonderful guests visiting the Room today.  Exemplary, regarding vinoLit.  Preferences, all over the palate range.  With each of these new friends, I entertained: “What if these characters never experienced this interaction?  If I hadn’t, either?” A blended cast, coming to fruition in the form of Literary and Existential enrichment, diversified dialogues, flavorful.  I appreciated how each of them welcomed my poetic/character deconstruction of the wines, prominently the Zins.  I’m finding it universally bedazzling how many shapes this varietal can take, when jumping vintage to vintage, American oak to French, winery, winemaker, appellation, vineyard block.  Above elements all, it’s the guest I appreciate, the character/s across from me, offering their thoughts, histories, reactions.  For them I sip, sip...
(Tuesday 12/28/2010)

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