Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And, Lines Mine

Oscillated, I caught the jaded, me.
My sanity, serrated, please.  The breeze,
leads to freeze.  Police hate the free speech I 
speak.  Me, creep, sly sneak.  Loaded cannons,
Conscious eroded, heart colder than aspen.
You, about as loud as Charlie Chaplin.
Syllabic craftsman, Madigan.  General like Patton.
Vision, curbed.  Stance, perturbed.  Poet, 
unnerved.  Talentless devils: vile varietal.
I find a pull in breezes.  Opposite
ideology freezes.  I’m like Normandy
beaches, under attack.  Storming beseeches,
wonder in fact.  Sieges retract, their reaches,
lead lack.  I talk to walls, empty halls.  Too much
Plato.  Varied like a rainbow, war like Waco.
Return to mics, burn the spite, when I churn done bites.
(Tuesday, 12/21/2010)

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