Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day of Family Winery Visits

Stop 1, as you may have guessed, my most enshrined, St. Francis.  My close comrade JK took me through some familiar pours.  I asked him to do the “JK Flight,” whatever he thought was optimal.  He started with the graceful 2007 Behler Chardonnay, took me through some of the sumptuous reds, concluding with the 2006 Lagomarsino Cabernet.  I left, whirled in wonderment.  Why do I keep returning to this fantastic forum?  Quite candidly, it’s deserved, warranted.  It’s easy for me, as a writer, to stand with conviction in the presence of such oenological mastery.  The star, in the JK flight, I must say...the 2005 McCoy Malbec.  In my notes, I see scribbled, “Dark, deep, delicious.” Sipping for my most revered Room on the Kenwood stretch...
2, Mayo.  It’s been way too long since I’ve visited the diamond on the corner of 12 and Arnold.  As soon as I enter, into a quite crowded Room mind you, encountering smiles, genuine greetings, and not just ‘cause they know me, that’s how they are.  So nice, hospitable.  Was poured the sparkling, a Grenache, and ’07 Cab.  All superb.  Walked out with a bottle of the bubbly and Cab.  One of the great family wineries, everyone needs to visit, honestly.  Yes, I’ve been here SEVERAL times.  Yes, I’ve poured in their Room before.  BUT, the true epitome of all: I LOVE the wines.  Consistent, distinguished, marvelous. 
What a gorgeously random sprint.  Not new visits, but who cares?  I go where I feel at-home.  I’m a writer, and don’t take kindly to aggressive randomness.  St. Francis, Mayo, innumerable thanks for having me today, and treating me like a noble.  I always tell people, “I’m not a bully blogger, it takes too much energy to be negative.” That’s why I stay in agreeable asylums.  I go where there’s jillion inspiration.  Sip & scribble...

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