Sunday, December 19, 2010

Square Operation

Discovered a tasting Room on the Square of Healdsburg today.  thumbprint cellars, with an unrivaled atmospheric appeal and tasting menu.  The highlight for me, aside from hospitality and scenery, each wine poured.  Consistent, confident, and complex.  I couldn’t halt in my roam of the Room.  A Riesling, Syrah, Zin, Cab, not to mention the hooking pieces of illustrative innovation adorning the walls.  And, the little lounge corner.  Would’ve situated longer, on that seductive couch, if I wasn’t working.  Small production, relatable and inspiring beginning, and unforgettable wines.  Might do some more “outreach” tomorrow, just so I can reconnect with today’s flight of quality--no, exceptional--pours.

Selby.  Another winery with a moving past and inculcating tenets on wine, life.  I engaged in a brief tasting, with hostesses Catalina and Maggi.  Just with the three I sipped--the ’07 Russian River Syrah, ’07 Sonoma County Zin, and ’06 Alexander Valley Cabernet--I was even more fervent a follower that I was previous.  These wines present a pleasantly odd grace about their palate approach and presence, leaving the sipper with intrigue, longing for a succeeding sip.  I had a glass of Susie Selby’s magically molded Sauvignon Blanc a few months ago.  Ever since, I posed to Self: “Where are these people?” Glad I ran into them today.  

Today in the Square was like a tornado of curiosity, exploration.  I would sip, scribble.  Repeat.  Realizing to Self, there’s no way I’ll see every tasting Room, taste every wine, in every valley, region, experience ever nuance of ever terroir.  And that’s fine.  I’ll enjoy all able.  Today, supreme exemplification of wine life delight.  Beginning to appreciate wineries’ histories, and winemakers’ pasts and philosophies more by the mission.  I find it garnishing the my Literary wine leaps with surprise, creative and reflective enrichment.  I’m sure there’s more on Healdsburg’s treasured Square in which I’ll marvel and obsess.  Good time to start: tomorrow.  Sip, sip...
(Saturday, 12/18/2010)

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