Sunday, December 5, 2010


Culprit 1, ’07 Three Goose Zin, from Alderbrook:  Swooning pours, continuously.  Nothing overt.  Each step in this bottle’s sequence, voluptuous, irresistibly arranged.  This is the shape of Zinfandel for which I don’t need a culinary accomplice.  I find my Self day dreaming of the grapes, their precise appearance when picked, what the winemaker was envisioning during harvest, the succeeding process.  Dark berries, coupled with pepper, slight earth, smoke.  This entity occupying the bowl pushes me to another sip.  I do, and start over, with the daydreaming.  It’s character, gentle, deep, wonderfully warping.  I away fly, with the geese, to ethereal entrapment.  Intensifying, all notes.  Hovering above my senses, carried by a whirling execution of a varietal.  This wine, unavoidable.  Holistic and heavenly.   
Culprit 2, ’07 Old Vine Zin, from Alderbrook:  Sturdy, strong, reliable.  So comfortable with this form of the mysterious varietal.  Concentration like I rarely see.  Frankly, I’m just reveling in the sips, the torrential Zinfndel about my immediacy.  This bottle comes across with a wizard-like harmony.  I’m divided, in these sips, colorfully conflicted.  Jammy palate presence, coupled with notes of a coffee/herbal/peppery quality.  Now, I’m truly distracted.  Again in daydream.  More than erotic, this bottle’s contents.  I’m athrill, willingly chained.  Sip, sip...
I’m a different character, after the collision with this second culprit.  Spin in Zin.  Why not?

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