Thursday, December 16, 2010

V. Sattui Reflection

After the last day as an Adjunct English Professor, at Solano Community College, I decided not to turn left, onto 12 West back to Santa Rosa.  Proceeding on 29, towards my other favorite valley.  “Which winery should I visit?” I thought.  Haven’t seen my old blogging buddy, Napa Chick, Ms. Danica Sattui, in some time.  So how about the V, V. Sattui?
I pulled in, let the partner know I touched down.  She met me in the tasting Room, set me up with a tasting flight.  I felt bad showing up so randomly, as she had to return to her office, back to her projects, obligations.  Danica left me in the impressively capable and knowledgeable presence of Demetrius.  As per D’s urgency, he ignited the experience with an ’08 Napa Sauvignon Blanc.  Refreshing, in the literal and figurative.  Then, to an enlightening and illuminating ’09 Anderson Valley Riesling.  My second favorite, next.  An ’08 Napa Valley Syrah, which I now see I noted as “enveloping.” Demetrius concluded the flight with three Cabs, two from 2007, one from 2006.  Surprisingly, my winner for the day was the 2006 Preston Vineyard Cabernet, which I dubbed as “redolently complex.”  And, to make the occasion even more memorable, I had the pleasure of running into some guests I met at my winery, about a week ago, Myra and Stan.  We took a couple minutes to catch up, discuss wine, cite our wine preferences, and all else that be.

When done, I thanked Mr. Demetrius for his fantastic hospitality, generosity.  I walked to the little house behind the winery, to bid farewell to the blogging partner.  She asked me how it went, and cited that her favorite Cab was the ’07 Morisoli Cabernet, the last one I tasted.  We discussed how beautiful the valley looked at this hour, around 3pm, a descending sun, and emerging dimness.  Didn’t buy today.  But if I would have, it would have been the Riesling, Syrah, and Preston Cab.  I’ll be back soon, trust me.  OH, and be on the watch for Napa Chick & The SoCo Kid, Mission 4!  Sip, sip...

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