Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Madigan Cabernet, Alexnder Valley

Gothic, evasive, enticing with complicated tones of dark cherry, black pepper, slight vanilla and mint upon olfactory encounter. Spilling to palate, this bottle’s entity becomes even more multilayered with added notes of smoke and delectable night-like chocolate, stepping aside for a whirlwind finish, interlinking with, supplementing, the following sips. Mystery, solution. Bewilderment, ease. Pleasantly puzzling.
As she wakens, buried musty leather surfaces, introducing more confidence, dexterity. The character of this ’11 AV Cab assures a rewarding exodus, affair. Soothing, serene, silk. Ceasing, an option not. Creating it own semblance, the maiden offering promises stories, occasions, reaction. She waits, for palates impatient, insatiable.

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