Sunday, December 26, 2010

Entry, Navidad

Finally.  Rest.  But, rushed.  Preparing for gather at the parents’ domain.  Fun little wine competition.  My 2007 Duckhorn Merlot vs. their 2007 Pride Merlot.  Both contain Napa berries, although the Pride may be hybrid.  Perfect example of how wine, its occasion, characters in attendance, the accompanying dished give way to memorable moments.  What wine, vinoLit, is all about.  Raining quite furiously, strict gusts as well.
2010, almost closed.  Already have a simple, straightforward approach/mission for ’11.  Lots more poetry, spoken word, self-publishing.  All I’m going to state now, on record.  Beyond excited about my radio appearance on the coming Thursday, 12/30/10.  Expect wine reflection, poetry, vinoLit, unedited Mike Madigan charisma, venom.
A couple more minutes to type.  Wondering what my favorite authors, those living, are doing now, as I close this sitting?  Mr. King, Mr. Wolff, Ms. Divakaruni, Mos Def, Talib?  I need to read more.  Know I keep saying that, but that is one of my New Year’s reso’s.  AND, I will have a response journal, just as I had my students keep.  Will study the short story, poetry, essays, Literary criticism.  Not sure about the novel.  OH, and I want to study French.  Was reading some of Ms. Plath’s entries a month or two ago, and she wanted to study a language, a couple if I recall correctly.
Quick conclusion.  More Literary.  Each day.  All my movements have to concern art, embody elements worthy of a page, pages.  Need more characters.  Need to explore wine more, its valleys, admirers.  More pushes me, and the pen.  Whose wine will win tonight?  Going to make it a blogging mission, told Mom and Dad last night.  They think it’d make a great entry, really showing how wine is entirely subjective, mysterious.  Why do I say mysterious?  Well, we don’t know which bottle will show better, pair more effectively with the cuisines.  It is not yet known what the consensus will be, with all at the table.  I predict, sadly, that the Pride will present a more coherent, flavorful, and consistent character in the glass.  BUT, who knows...
Will write you later, lovely reader.  Peace... 

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