Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Nights from the Lounge ...

Another chill day at MikesWineLounge, rain in assistance.  Most, by the fire, sipping anything from the Piña Sauv Blanc to the Palmeri ’07 Cab.  Lounge surrounding semblance.  Wine peace, honestly.  A couple young ladies walked around, checking out the artful articles about the tasting Room, while sipping, of course.  Daisy, wife of Wondering Winemaker Kerry, is so enamored with our neighbors at Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria, and the cozy world inside the Terroirs temple, that she’s offering to buy pizza for guests in the coming days, partially to welcome her husband back from India.

Everything my friend Ziggy the Wine Gal says about my new love, Terroirs, and my newest passion project, MikesWineLounge, is true.  The way the beats bounced from wall to wall tonight, deliciously different.  May have been the rain, the way the fire distracted the guests from the cold on the glass’ exterior side.  This Room, this Lounge, a coercive entity cognitive.  Soothing, sedating.  Poetic, placid.  You’ll forget about mundane preoccupations in this tasting Room, especially when it wakes as my Lounge.  Feel like with every shift, every guest, every pour, taste, I note a new truth about wine’s realm.  It should ALWAYS be Human, relaxed, comfortable. 
Sipping some ’03 Peña Cabernet, just thinking about the Room.  Wish I could drive up there now, and just sit in one of those chairs by the fire, lean against one of those little red pillows.  Are they red?  Doesn’t matter.  They contribute, like Damskey’s wines.  Need to make it a point to buy more songs, color more my musical vino Lounge canvas.  I hope people walk in and feel a connection, with wine, music.  Right now, I’m barely typing.  Mostly enjoying how this song, Sneaker Pimp’s “6 Underground,” sounds so much more flavorful, rich, tangible as a result of this Cab on palate.  Counting till morrow, looking at the night’s pics.  Sip, sip ...

Thursday, 3/24/11.  Another special night in the Lounge, no doubt.  Attending: Kerry Damskey, his wife Daisy, and Ziggy the Wine Gal.  Great crowd, all digging the wine-music pairing.  But, as I am a bit of a perfectionist, even though I found I spelled Peña with an “i” instead of “e” in past entries I’m afraid, I need to get some new wine tracks.  Need more for ears, as it’ll influence the Lounge’s portent and wines’ collective palate presence.  A little break in the rain, changing the air, the sky’s presence in the Room.  Difficult to explain how my love for my newest passion project evolves and appreciates, but this has changed everything.  Hope the guests experience something similar.  Something poetic, magical.  Newness.  As I was closing, after all had left, I just looked around, appreciated this colorfully unfamiliar stage.  It assured this is for me, this Lounge, these breaths.  What wine should do, push one into something new.
Me, Ziggy the Wine Gal, and Kerry Damskey

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