Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like Wine in its Bottles

This blog, taking a different turn.  Aligning it with the composition of a script.  My script.  90 pages.  4 written thus far.  What wine do I pair with these script lines tonight?  Pinot sounds ideal, harmonious.  Think I have one of those Pinots from the winery in the little fridge.  Want to wake up early tomorrow, to get an impressive start on the script.  Love that word.  SCRIPT.  Don’t know why.  Love PINOT.  So yes, then.  It’s getting opened.
Would love to work with actors, directors, editors, one day.  I still want to write books, more than anything.  But this is something I need to make Self do.  The good weather today, urges lawlessness in tonight’s writing.  Don’t care about the result, enjoy the process.  Isn’t that the Nature of Aesthetics, wine writing Aesthetics? 
(3/31/11, Thursday)

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