Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today, just exploring my favorite of valleys.  Roaming.  True, I had an appointment at a Napa Valley haven, serenading guests, me, with unrivaled beauty, stateliness.  It was nice to just drive around, explore, take pictures, write.  The other side of the mountain, I no more view a question mark, blur.  It’s universal invitation.  I return tomorrow, for another appointment at the secluded spot, the Heavenly sanctum.  Never seen property like that before.  Honestly all I can think of while I sip this Pinot.  The weather, flawless.  Hope the same accompanies me come morrow.  I’m under a Napa spell, willingly.  My camera, even more full than it was.  Snapping stills of each stop.  Me, obsessed.

Was hard for me to leave that one spot.  Me, the scenery, connected inextricably.  For us, scribes of wine, it’s a crossroad, each turn.  When to leave, how long to stay, remain.  The pictures help.  They push the pages.  Me, without cares.  The bottles in the wooden case.  Romantic, a fantastic paragraph set to its set.  What do I do with it?  See?  This is where I wonder if I’m “wine blogging,” or even wine writing, correctly.  I’m stuttering.  Blank.  Still like sick snails.  Need another sip of this Sonoma Coast Pinot.  Napa, my illustrative illness; the SoCo pours, inoculation, abbreviation.  How will I sleep tonight, in such readiness for tomorrow’s tour and tasting?  Don’t care ...

That one property, etheric straight.  How did I find such?  No cares.  I’m revisiting tomorrow, unbelievably.  And, I was invited to taste.  Again, I’ll say, this is what wine is all about: discovery.  Call me Drake, Galileo, Columbus.  After mission, to one of my preferred wine destinations here in Santa Rosa, for a glass of masterful Sauv Blanc.  And Syrah, I won’t lie.  Those structures, the fountains, natural tints, and certainly the wine, on the mountain’s other face, has me captured.  Disrupting and nurturing the writing, concurrently.  Oddly delicious dichotomy.  The sentences forwarded by today’s drive, missing something.  A supplement.  A garnishment.  That’ll be the morning’s mission. 

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