Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Napa, Day 3: New Mission

The official entry, to be birthed on morrow.  But for now, I just needed to type about today.  Driving, window lowered.  Can’t believe the quality of Cab at Far Niente.  The wines at Peju, conveyed truth, spoke to me with taste unfamiliarity.  Today, one of pictures.  Napa handed so much footage, stills, that I feel feverish in filing through the frames.  May be back tomorrow, in Napa, for a 4th day, if you can believe that.  There’s no way it could measure to this installation.  Weather, like it was ordered by I and the blogging partner.  Wine’s world involves fantasy, yes.  But some of this chimera, quite experienceable, tangible.  That’s what’s truly beautiful.  Aesthetic, discovery.

(3/30/11, Wednesday)

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