Thursday, March 17, 2011

Afternoon Thoughts, Aesthetic Reflect

Cold in this office, looking through pictures, examine aesthetic levels in these stills.  The wine stage epitomizes beauty, unusually appealing imagery.  So many symbols, characters, scenes serene.

Hard to make sense of it, express appreciation linearly.  Why?  ‘Cause you feel so much when your eyes connect with this, at least mine do.  This wine world, universally Literary.
Can’t get warm, unless I stare at the frames in this camera.  Additional life, wine, in bottle, especially barrel.  Winemakers will interpret it differently, but I’m only interested in some of their estimations.
Pinot, probably tonight’s character.  Not a shock, if you know  me.  That varietal, always comfortable, consistent, complex.
(Thursday, 3/17/11)

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