Sunday, March 27, 2011

ballad gallery happening

Arranging my book as chaotically, spastically as I can.  That’s Aestheticism, true Humanness, beauty.  Going to turn off the movie, in minute, so I can pair these sentences with wine lounge beats, or other genres.  Just needing lyrics right now.  Not in the mood for wine, 2nite.  Only yearning for progress, forwards.  To a true Equilibrium.
I may not notice certain tendencies in my Self, as they are what comprise the Self.  I’m not looking for them, as they are already present, in motion.  So I have no apologies for such habits, mannerisms, even, and especially, if they offend people.  And if I don’t fit into places and situations that have a problem with my center, then I truly don’t belong there.  No apologies, ever.

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