Thursday, March 17, 2011

MikesWineLounge, Night 1

Still can’t believe I have this opportunity, operation of a well established tasting Room in Geyserville, Terroirs Artisan Wines, and hold my own event, themes as I please, three days a week.  Thankful, and surprisingly, not the least smidgen timid.  I’m confident I can make this work, for a wine Room in which I almost dogmatically believe.  Tonight, a bit quiet, but we, one of my best tasting Room buds Mona and I, saw some traffic, sold a couple bottles.  The two and a half hours flew by, frighteningly fast.  Wasn’t focused on writing till now, which is impressively rare; it hasn’t happened, ever.  In tasting Rooms, I’m always scribbling, taking pictures of the crowds like during barrel tasting, snapping the bottles, gathering footage.  Tonight, I was focused on a Room that was partially, and truly, my own.  Still can’t believe it.
Geyserville is a unique, and slightly challenging spot for a tasting Room.  But this spice of challenge fosters the potential for magic.  Wine is magic, tasting Rooms reserve insatiable sensory alchemy for its visitors, this one especially.  Couldn’t stop looking at the art, the high ceilings.  My beats paired well with the building’s spaciously seductive quality.  One thing I thought while behind they bar, jittering for guests, was that these wines, of different labels, were being represented by me, a writer, with an approach I coined: pairing wine, music, atmosphere.  The wine world, or “industry,” holds gifts, pleasant unexpecteds.  Eager for tomorrow’s passage.  More than likely, will lose sleep over it, but not before I take a sip, scribble a little more, about this new Wine Lounge.  
And, I can’t help but record on this page, what a chapter for me, the book.  How many pages am I up to?  Doesn’t matter, as MikesWineLounge at Terroirs in Geyserville’s sure to inject more tidal waves of reflections, appreciative capturings.  Listening to music I today played, and have for months have played in this office, envisioning my own counter, wine-wheeled walls. 

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