Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday2Today: Two-Sided Varietal

Couldn’t stop taking pictures when I entered the tasting Room, yesterday.  Found mySelf obsessively observant of bottle shapes, barrels, glasses, other primary elements of a winery.  Saw it beneficial, for the entries.  A revering reference, I guess.  These pictures weren’t for a photo journal, they were for THE journal.  This.  These entries.  Not the busiest of days, but we did have two incredible guests from Flower Mound, Texas, Eric and Joyce.  Later, after close, I met Eric for a tasting at the ever-hospitable, Humanly elegant Cellars of Sonoma.  Ron hosted an incredible tasting, even throwing in some of Ms. Heidi Barrett’s bottled majesties.  Walked off with the ’07 Gann Malbec (AV/SoCo), now a library wine, the ’07 James Family Pinot (Stony Point Vineyard/Sonoma Coast), and Ms. Barrett’s 2008 La Sirena Syrah, from Santa Ynez Valley.  Also managed to dive into Barrett’s TreasuRed, during the tasting; magic, in all its stages, this brave blend.  March 8th, one of wine.

Today, March’s 9th, an unexpected discovery, in Healdsburg’s heart: a coffee shop, dubbed “Flying Goat.” Incredible coffee and treats; I had a snickerdoodle that only tariffed me $1.  I was mostly stricken by the layout of the shop.  I thought it perfect for me, for offsite writing, but also for community poetry readings, writing workshops, or other art-anchored activities.  Was there for a meeting, but I did manage to scribble a few lines before in-session: “New coffee shop.  Here for meeting.  Need to come here one day for some offsite write.  W/coffee, now, & snickerdoodle.  Spacious, vintage-y, cozy.  Would be great locale for open mic, poetry duels, or writers workshops.  This is a Literary Lair.” Looking at my pictures of this new adored spot, I think of nothing but poetry, odd lines.  Freedom.  Flying.  With...a...goat.

Estimating these two days as advances, further into the oeno-elements about which I have to write.  Tempted to open one of the Cellars bottles right now, but saving all three for occasions warranted.  Just as today and its predecessor were luminary in their own containment, so tumbles this reflective session.  Was going to shoot a podcast tonight, covering what above you find scribed, but words blend better.  Wouldn’t trade this location, Sonoma/Napa, for a thousand ships’ spoils.  These moments, in this Wine World, invaluable.  24 hours before now, and Now, cement my assertion.

But days like these, inject a certain separatist strand, making me want to fly with the goat.  This Wine stage, begs the unchained, the wanderer, new friends, new tastes, in new Rooms.  The map on Barrett’s bottle reminds me that all can find bullion in these planted valleys.  No loss, only ascension.  These experiences, entirely musical.  Next time at that flying coffee casa table, I’ll be scribbling more on these fermented fascinations.  Coupling these days, I find a new type, one I could sip&scribble to till I’m eternally paused.  Thanks to these two days of colorful constituents.  And now, Wine lounge beats, scribbling in the studio, slowly sipping Gann Malbec.  Unmatchable conclusion to a tremendous two-act play.  Sip, sip ...

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