Saturday, March 26, 2011

My MikeMath

Tomorrow, as I wrote yesterday will be the official birth of NewMike.  NewMike entails Self-moderated rebellion, pragmatic civility, venomous independence (if so antagonized).  Tomorrow night, I plan to write ALL NIGHT.  Literally, stopping at next day’s first step.  This means, NO WINE. Caffeine only.  Never did buy that coffee machine, or espresso maker like Ramona suggested.  Going to miss working alongside her in the Room.  Learned more from her than most others.  No time to reflect and wade in emotional swamps.  Need to see that book on Shelf.  Or, the finished screenplay.  Maybe that should be my only focus tomorrow night.  I just want to finish it to SELL it.  Why do I go in and out of caps like that?  Only 87 pages away from targeted stop sign on that project.  Let’s do a little math:  okay, if I write for 12 hours, yielding 4 pages each hour, that’s 48 pages, added to the three I have: 51.  Still not done.  Alright ... how about 5 pages an hour, for 15 hours? 75 pages, with the 3, 78.  Almost there.  How about this, for a projection ... 48 hours to finish a script?  I’ll start tomorrow night, around 5p.  Work till 5a.  Sleep for a bit, then recommence for another 12 hours.  That’ll be 24 hours in session.  If I cook 3 pages, for each of the 2-4, that’d produce 72 pages.  That’s a healthy and hefty start.  I’d only have 18 more to go, and at 3pgs/hr, that’s only 6 hours of writing.  This’ll be taxing, but interesting.  Can’t get bored, discouraged, defeatist, fatalist, anything other than sure, SELF-ASSURED, I’m going to pitch and sell this wine-themed piece.  Never thought I’d effectively use any level or amount of math when it came to my manuscripts, but I guess elemental shock is unavoidable in the vinoLit Life.  Sip, sip ...

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