Friday, March 18, 2011

MikesWineLounge, Night 2

Second night of the Lounge.  I was going up against St. Patrick’s Day, so I wan’t expecting a single character to walk through the door, to tell truth.  But, my new colleague Victoria and I had the fortune to host a nice couple from the Bay Area, I think San Francisco.  Or was it Oakland?  Either way, they were great.  Sitting in the embracing seats facing the fireplace. Relaxing with a glass of the ’07 Piña Ridge Zin from Dry Creek.
Right now, here in the office, I sip the 2007 Palmeri Cabernet from the Stagecoach Vineyard.  Kerry Damskey isn’t a winemaker, this man is a mastermind of tasty wizardry.  He’s more than an oenological engineer, he’s one in defiance of tasting reality.  He’s not commonplace; More like a character in some thick episodic fantasy saga, mustering wondrous powers through unique spells.  You need to connect with his creations, during Lounge hours or otherwise.  Now, seriously, how did he do this?  You know what, I don’t want to know.  Just going to sip, enjoy these Wine Lounge tunes, as I’m still in the mode, mood.  Listening to rain fall, thinking about the Lounge, all soon to visit.  Pairing music, wine, architectural Aesthetics.  All new elements, about this author’s cognitive cogs.
As this ’07 Napa Cab majestically multiplies with luscious luminosity, I just listen to the current track, envisioning tomorrow, my first Friday at the Lounge.  First two days, staggeringly inspiring.  Going to be patient with this new endeavor, this new experiential manuscript.  I have in my notes, here in the Composition book: “Focus on scene, the multilayered nature of Damskey’s wines.” Think I just felt another idea tremor.  See you at the Lounge tomorrow ...

(Thursday, 3/17/11)

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