Monday, March 7, 2011

vinoLit, 3/6/11

First weekend of barrel tasting, concluded.  Had to shoot a podcast.  Again, an additional testament to how wine gives way to an occasion.  But this was more.  A true event.  Astonished with how the 2010 Pinot was connecting with palate, and not just mine.  Secure flavor arrangement, melodic finish, notes of coffee, toffee, chocolate, subdued smoke.  Why I like this Pinot, especially: it’s unorthodox presence.  Not at all template.  Invitingly forward, gorgeous.  The rain also coerced my broadcast, in concert with the pictures I took yesterday, today.  Now, off to the pages, paired with this Malbec.  Haven’t seen this varietal in a while.  Definitely reflective, after two days behind the counter. 

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