Monday, March 14, 2011

noche nota

Need a little more time with the documentary that Jon and I shot during barrel tasting.  Right now, for the cap of night, a 2009 Pinot from Lost Canyon, my friend Alexis’ label.  It’s cemented: I’m Pinot persuaded.  It just takes too many captivating shapes.  And working the barrel at Alderbrook over the last couple days further enveloped my stance, pouring, and tasting, NUMEROUS times, the 2010 Pinot by Bryan Parker.  This Pinot, Lost Canyon’s ’09: lighter, deliciously dirty, raw, uncensored; How appropriate for a writer!  A mistress, tryst bliss for this manuscript.  Tomorrow, not sure.  Barrel tasting’s over.  The frenzy, fizzled.  Now sure how to feel.  Another sip.  The book, closer to shelf than I thought.  That’s what happens when the writing’s obsessive.  Should be getting ready for the stasis horizontal, but the elements encourage.  Just again realizing, after observing the footage, the background vineyard, mountain shades, how fortunate I am, as a writer, to reside in the presence of these valleys.  Things, all, changing.  Beneficially.  For me.  This vinoLit Life.  Sip, sip ...

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