Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before Takeoff

4:27p.  Leaving for meeting at the winery soon, maybe twenty minutes.  Long to-do list for 2night.  Much to do with new business venture, MikeMadiganWineMedia.  I like it all as one word; has relevance, unambiguous meaning, to me.  In that, all are one: Me, Wine, the media element.  Let’s see if it works.  Already have two meetings in cue.
What to do for dinner.  Was thinking about Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar.  Love that place, but the idea isn’t rattling me the way I’d like.  Roberto’s?  No, was just there.  Ugh, this is frustrating.  Monti’s?  There’s an idea.  Could have a Pliny, one of my all-time favorite brews, while waiting.  Think I have a winner.  Already know my order.  Kind of pricey, but I deserve.  Off to the meeting... 

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