Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oenobellion, Wine Writing Hellion

Always telling people I’m from the Literary world, but that’s not to say I’m shunning the “industry.” I love wine more than I’m able to paginate, believe me.  I’m just opposed to censorship, perpetual reading of script.  So, this month’s first, I’m vowing a shift.  Second issue of Letterz will complete the wave’s shore approach.  Going to be more vocal, perhaps dangerously.  Many political pundits, of which I think are repulsive buffoons, I still respect for their lack of regard, commitment to vision.  So, for this writer, no more neutrality.  And this might get me into a little trouble.  Hopefully a lot.  But I’m only concerned with my pages, thinking for my Self, as many long ago urged me do.
At this stage in my fermentation, if I’m not me, I’m just simply NOT.  Emerson, ricocheting in reflective corridors with “Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.” Self-Reliance, that’s what I’m embracing.  As a writer.  As a writer of wine.  In the industry, that I love.  Don’t know why this glow graced me tonight.  A career change, this might suggest.  One audacious, loud, meaningful.  
This night’s Racer, enjoyable, to be modest.  Had some nice guests at day’s summation.  From Pennsylvania.  Loved the lady’s humor, on the state’s liquor laws.  I’ll never understand that, how some states can be so suffocating and utterly, disgustingly, puritanical with their scope on wine, beer, all else.  So much complication.  Unnecessary.  Do similar states know what day they’re in?
My wine publications aim to be whatever they wish.  And I think that will prove refreshing, beneficial to lovers of wine; The readers.  Tonight, in my glass, an ’08 Napa Cab Franc.  Very dark, antagonizing, motioned.  I’m sure some know-it-all, innumerably “credentialed” winemaker would label it different.  And that’s fine.  I speak my language.  This is a wine you’d want to sip, from Hall Winery.  The night’s rest, spent in meditation, of this new approach, this new gamble.  Not much of a gamble, really.  Because I know I’ll win, with wine.  And the house, soon to be new in lose.
(Tuesday, 3/1/11) 

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