Thursday, March 3, 2011

OenoFreestyle, 3/2/11

I crash your space with Cabernet; my fads’ll stay.
I’m the writer with radical ways, pass in haste.
Navigation in battle station.  Sip another type while
I slip into the slight.  Write on lost avenues, the cost at
last infused.  Syllabic extrapolation; it’s magic, this 
maceration; with obscure barrels, fascination.  Other
pen movers, nothing more than hen shooters.  I banish
plays, and then damn their days.  Each paragraph,
cram your craze.  Take my business card, I’m a whiz in
yards.  Prison or otherwise.  When I recite, I never stutter, guy;
You’re like an empty bottle, no attention; Me, I’m ogled, all retention.
Elusive vampire, I’m the ruling empire; the cat cheshire, noisy like
wet tires.  Rigorous, my trigger’s just, whimsical, not in any way
subliminal.  Indivisible, belittle your brittle, too much so I broke the
glass, you such no, why show a pass, despicable.  This, not 
mimicable.  Ab initio, I’m stabbed and silly, slow.  Mocking
attackers.  Now to Syrah, I’m blah, re-racking the rafters.

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